© Copyright 2003-2013, Chip Cooons


An alternative image editing program for Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.8 (10.9 and beyond is under development.)


With Macs, we expect simple things to be simple, and difficult things to be possible. MagicBrush-Photo lives up to that expectation by creating a new metaphor for image editing. Instead of worrying about historgrams and color profiles you can focus on applying pixel-precise effects and corrections to your photos. With MagicBrush-Photo, you simply create a change, "dip" your virtual brush into it, and paint it onto your original image.


    Key Features of MagicBrush-Photo
    • Easy to use editing
    • GPU Accelerated through Core Image
    • Layer based for non-destructive editing
    • Layer based compositing models for spectacular effects
    • Edit any image format supported by Mac OS X, including RAW
    • Over 50 built-in filters that you can bundle to create your effects
    • Save frequently used effects so you never have to remember those "just-so" settings
    • Share your favorite effects with other users
    • Create editable type layer to add text to your images
    • Cropping tool to adjust your final image size and proportions
    • Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) ready


Download today and begin learning the power of MagicBrush-Photo.


Read the latest release notes to see what is changing in MagicBrush-Photo.